• Before Time Goes By - Before Time Goes By Clicca qui per l’Italiano Growing and play Adventure each day The joys of childhood But time goes by … Education and training Ignorance waning The value of knowledge But time goes by … Courtship and romance... Read More ›
  • Does Mindfulness Work? - Does Mindfulness Work? We were recently invited to write a paper for the British Medical Journal that discusses the treatment efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions. The paper has just been published and is entitled ‘Does Mindfulness Work?’. It can be accessed... Read More ›
  • To Enlightenment and Beyond - To Enlightenment and Beyond Click here for Italian readers – Clicca qui per i lettori italiani Most Buddhist practice systems assert that there are various stages on the path to enlightenment. Perhaps the most well-documented example is the Ten Bodhisattva Bhūmis which... Read More ›
  • Porta il tuo cuscino di meditazione con te quando ti alzi - Porta il tuo cuscino di meditazione con te quando ti alzi Quando si soffia per spegnere le vostre candele, e si alza dal proprio cuscino di meditazione, questo è il momento in cui la pratica della meditazione veramente abbia inizio.... Read More ›
  • The Seat of Self and Consciousness in the Brain: A Buddhist Perspective - The Seat of Self and Consciousness in the Brain: A Buddhist Perspective Clicca qui per Italiano In recent decades there have been major advances in scientific understanding of the human brain. To a large extent these advances have been driven... Read More ›
  • A Second Generation of Mindfulness-based Intervention - A Second Generation of Mindfulness-based Intervention Clicca qui per l’Iataliano In one of our research papers that was published this summer in the journal Mindfulness, we identified and discussed a recent development in mindfulness research and practice. Until a few years... Read More ›
  • Forgive them Father - Forgive them Father Clicca qui per l’Italiano “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. These are the words that Jesus Christ is believed to have cried out approximately 2,000 years ago during his crucifixion at Golgotha. We... Read More ›
  • Teaching Mindfulness to Children - Teaching Mindfulness to Children Clicca qui per Italiano Along with a friend and colleague of ours – Professor Mark Griffiths – we recently published an article in the journal of Education and Health about the health benefits of mindfulness for... Read More ›
  • A Breath of Fresh Air - A Breath of Fresh Air Clicca qui per l’Italiano Are you breathing? Are you alive? Are you being? These may seem like strange questions but read them again and look at what they are asking. Are you truly aware that... Read More ›
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