The Binds of Ignorance

The Binds of Ignorance

The Buddhas who realize the illusory nature of all phenomena,
Have limitless compassion for even an insect.
Yet the ignorant beings believing all things to be ‘real’,
Slaughter, maim, and harm without a care in the world. How Amazing!

The Buddhas who abide in the deathless state,
Are ever aware of the preciousness of each moment.
Yet the ignorant beings believing this life to be all,
Mindlessly squander it in pointless pursuits. How Amazing!

The Buddhas who have breached the citadel of primordial wisdom,
Live simply and humbly wherever they dwell.
Yet the ignorant beings steeped in non-virtue and wrong views,
Forever boast of their worldly accomplishments. How Amazing!

The Buddhas who dwell in peace that transcends even Nirvana,
Need witness only a grain of pure faith to bestow their blessings.
Yet the ignorant beings eternally consumed by the fires of the Klesas,
Have corrupt intent and shun the Dharma. How Amazing!

Ven Edo Shonin & Ven William Van Gordon

A Buddha has Entered the World

A Buddha has Entered the World

Endowed with the Dharmakaya that is the ground of all existence,

The Sambogakaya that is pure and splendid to behold,

And the Nirmanakaya that serves the needs of all beings,

You are known by some as the simple monk Br. Edo.

A master of masters, the embodiment of all Buddhas,

Since primordial beginning and with unceasing activity,

Using your iron hook of compassion and skilful means,

You enter the Worlds and swiftly liberate the suffering beings.

We are two Dharma Warrior Kings,

Perfectly free in the realm of unchanging great bliss,

A safe island of refuge for exhausted seekers of the Way,

Yet hidden from the view of the faithless and cowardly.

Whilst we are beyond meeting and departing,

 Pray Mahakalyanamitra, swiftly lead this clumsy one to fruition,

For in the realm of non-action there is much to be done.

Come now, bestow upon me the blessings of your Wisdom Mind.

This song that spontaneously arose was written as a token

of heartfelt gratitude for the wish-granting kindness of the simple

monk Br. Edo. Through the merits of these words may all Samsaric

beings not only meet with the perfectly endowed Buddhas,

but may they also recognise having done so.

Ven. William Van Gordon