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Spiritual Poems, Songs, & Reflections

During their many years of practicing and teaching meditation, Ven Edo Shonin and Ven William Van Gordon have written literally 100’s of spiritual poems, songs, and reflections. Many are spoken spontaneously with the original version requiring little or no editing. Others were composed at the request of a particular student or for a given occasion. Many of Ven. Edo Shonin’s works are still yet to be translated from other languages. Over the course of the next year or so we will endeavour to upload them onto the website and blog – a few at a time.

Before Time Goes By

Before Time Goes By Clicca qui per l’Italiano Growing and play Adventure each day The joys of childhood But time goes by … Education and training Ignorance waning The value of knowledge But time goes by … Courtship and romance Love’s heart-warming dance  The…

A Monk’s Life

A Monk’s Life Recently, a short poem I composed entitled The Offspring of Spring was accepted for publication in a forthcoming book called Candlelit Thoughts – A Collection of Poetry (published by Forward Poetry). The following poem has been adapted from The Offspring of…

The Ear-Whispered Mahavairocana Tantra

The following are some verses we have selected from the Ear-Whispered Mahavairochana Tantra. I am Mahavairocana, the one Mind All things arise as me I am the entirety of space and time Yet you will not find me there If you take now and…

A Close Truth

A Close Truth Like the repose that follows, When waking from a nightmare. Like the reprieve of an isolated General, Who recognizes the encroaching soldiers as his own troops Like the relief that arises, when realizing that the snake, Was, all along, just a…

The Off-spring of Spring

The Off-spring of Spring Nurtured by nature In the wild I dwell A contented heart But no one to tell The heir of the air I float on the clouds Such freedom such bliss No hustle no crowds The son of the sun Ablaze…

Hearken to the Dharma

Hearken to the Dharma All you great teachers and meditators, Who mistake self-grasping and pride for the two accumulations, In whom true renunciation and devotion never arise, You, pleasure seekers, hearken to the Dharma that keeps death in mind. Proudly claiming to be great…

Simply Being with Nothing to Be

Nowhere to go, nothing to do No reputation to build, none to defend No possessions to amass, none to protect This is fearlessness born of Apranihita Simply here, simply now Simply birth, simply death Simply content, simply aware Simply abiding, simply being No space,…

The Binds of Ignorance

The Binds of Ignorance The Buddhas who realize the illusory nature of all phenomena, Have limitless compassion for even an insect. Yet the ignorant beings believing all things to be ‘real’, Slaughter, maim, and harm without a care in the world. How Amazing! The…

A Buddha has Entered the World

A Buddha has Entered the World Endowed with the Dharmakaya that is the ground of all existence, The Sambogakaya that is pure and splendid to behold, And the Nirmanakaya that serves the needs of all beings, You are known by some as the simple…

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