Category: Practice Tips

Tips for practicing meditation in everyday life

A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air Clicca qui per l’Italiano Are you breathing? Are you alive? Are you being? These may seem like strange questions but read them again and look at what they are asking. Are you truly aware that you are breathing and…

Authentic Spiritual Lineage

Authentic Spiritual Lineage If a person has genuine spiritual realization, they are authorized to transmit the spiritual teachings. All titles, held-lineages, endorsements, acclamations, life accomplishments, life mistakes, and years spent in training are irrelevant. If a person is without genuine spiritual realization, they have…

Carry your Meditation Cushion with You

Carry your Meditation Cushion with You When you blow out your candles and stand up from your meditation cushion – that’s when your meditation practice starts. As meditators, we should try not to create a separation between formal meditation sessions and everyday living. In…

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