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The seventh aspect of the Noble Eightfold Path

The Absorbing Mind

The Absorbing Mind “Meditation has helped to open my eyes, to open my ears, and to open my heart. When I find myself listening to Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, or to Johann Christian Bach’s Symphony for Double Orchestra, now I can really feel…

Tips for using Mindfulness in Psychotherapy Contexts

Tips for using Mindfulness in Psychotherapy Contexts Recently, we were joined by our friend and academic colleague Professor Mark Griffiths in writing a paper on ‘Meditation as Medication: Are Attitudes Changing?’ (the paper is currently in press with the British Journal of General Practice).1…

Exactly what is the Present Moment?

Exactly what is the Present Moment? The practice of mindfulness is fundamentally concerned with becoming more aware of the present moment. Mindfulness techniques such as observing the breath, walking meditation, working meditation, eating meditation, scanning the body, mindful writing, deep listening, mindfully cradling our…


Mindwithness! The Pali word for mindfulness is sati (Sanskrit: smrti). Although the term ‘mindfulness’ is the most popular rendition of sati, the word sati actually means ‘to remember’ (i.e., ‘to remember’ to be aware of the present moment). In fact, the term mindfulness doesn’t…

Teaching Mindfulness to Children

Teaching Mindfulness to Children Clicca qui per Italiano Along with a friend and colleague of ours – Professor Mark Griffiths – we recently published an article in the journal of Education and Health about the health benefits of mindfulness for children and adolescents. In…

Carry your Meditation Cushion with You

Carry your Meditation Cushion with You When you blow out your candles and stand up from your meditation cushion – that’s when your meditation practice starts. As meditators, we should try not to create a separation between formal meditation sessions and everyday living. In…

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