Nobodies and Somebodies

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Nobodies and Somebodies

In general there are four types of people:

  1. People who are nobodies, but are widely considered to be somebodies (let’s call these people ‘nobody somebodies’);
  2. People who are nobodies, and are generally considered to be nobodies (i.e., ‘nobody nobodies’);
  3. People who are in fact somebodies, but are considered to be nobodies (i.e., ‘somebody nobodies’); and
  4. People who are somebodies, and are widely considered to be somebodies (i.e., ‘somebody somebodies’)

The first type of person – a nobody somebody – is very common. For nobody somebodies, life is all about the self. Unfortunately, nobody somebodies always seem to wheedle their way into important positions, and a lot of people are fooled by them. Nobody somebodies are very good at getting what they want, and they don’t think twice if others are held back or hurt by their actions. Nobody somebodies can’t really be trusted. If you’re a person who can advance their wealth, reputation, or power, then nobody somebodies will probably consider you a friend. However, friendship or kindness offered by nobody somebodies is extremely conditional. Nobody somebodies are takers and not givers. They give the impression of contributing to society, but that’s only because it advances their profile. Nobody somebodies are ultimately very confused, and therefore make short-sighted and unwise decisions.

The second type of person – a nobody nobody – is also very common. A nobody nobody has no interest in the welfare of humanity or the planet, nor do they have any particular interest in bettering themselves. Nobody nobodies are hangers on and are a burden upon society and the economy. They are the type of people who have all the rights but do not want to take any responsibility. Of the four types of people listed above, nobody nobodies are the most common.

Unfortunately, the third type of person – a somebody nobody – is not very common. The world is desperately in need of somebody nobodies. Somebody nobodies are people with a wealth of wisdom and inner resources. They are a friend to humanity and a friend to themselves. Somebody nobodies are totally and intricately aware of how their thoughts, words, and actions influence others and the conditions around them. Somebody nobodies dedicate their life to the benefit of others. But what makes such people so rare and special, is that their service is offered on an entirely unconditional basis. Somebody nobodies don’t seek to be acknowledged for their good deeds, and they are not discouraged if people defame or rise up against them. Somebody nobodies work quietly and behind the scenes. Collectively, and through their compassionate deeds big and small, somebody nobodies form the spiritual fabric that prevents the negativity created by nobody somebodies and nobody nobodies from escalating out of control.

The fourth type of person – a somebody somebody – is also very rare. Somebody somebodies have all of the same inner qualities and presence as somebody nobodies. However, for whatever reason, somebody somebodies have assumed or been appointed to a high profile position. Such people often make decisions and implement projects that affect many people all at once. Whilst somebody nobodies are necessary to work with people and problems on an individual basis, somebody somebodies tend to work in more generalized ways. Thus, somebody nobodies and somebody somebodies complement each other very well. The important thing to know about somebody somebodies is that although they are widely regarded as a somebody, being a somebody is actually of no importance to them. In fact, if required, somebody somebodies would be just as content being somebody nobodies.

It is useful to ask ourselves which category of person we belong to and whether our life is focused around helping others or pursuing our own interests. Who we should all be trying to be is somebody nobodies. If in the course of being a somebody nobody we become a somebody somebody, then that’s all very well. However, if we set out to become a somebody somebody then by default, we’re essentially feeding the ego’s cravings and are already exhibiting some of the qualities of a nobody somebody.

Ven Edo Shonin and Ven William Van Gordon

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