Life is a Precious Happening

Life is a very rare and precious happening. On this earth there are seven billion human beings and countless other sentient beings. The life that each being is living is happening uniquely and genuinely only to them. No life is the same.

The blackbird spent many lifetimes perfecting his song just so you could hear him – in that exact moment of time and space. She is singing just for you. Likewise, you spent many lifetimes perfecting yourself so that you could be present at that exact moment to hear what she has to say. The same is true for all of our encounters with all phenomena.

If we allow the mundane mind with its emotions, thoughts, feelings, and wrong views to invade that moment, then that moment will pass completely unacknowledged. The blackbird’s song will be missed and life will take a completely different course, captained by the unruly mind.

Understand that this life is yours to live. So train the mind to sit quietly and invite the mind to join you in this marvellous and wondrous adventure. Stop and sit in stillness. Listen to the colours of life, see the sounds of life, taste the joy of life, breathe, and allow life to breathe you.

2 Comments on “Life is a Precious Happening

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